Downhole Equipment Protection

Using Thermal Spray and Welding Technology focused on Drill Pipe and Downhole tools for purpose of protecting the body which provides a low coefficient of friction. We are competitive in performance and cost to other hardbandings in the market.

Downhole Torque Reduction

Here at White Horse we use a thermal spray technology to coat drill pipe, work strings and various other BHA parts to act as a sacrificial lamb for wear. Our field results display many benefits contributed to low friction factors along with some down hole torque reduction gains.

It pays to use White Horse Technology

  • Casing Friendly
  • Superior Durability
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduces buckling
  • Improves ROP
  • Torque Reduction

What we do

We utilize a patented alloy and application to mitigate wear and friction of the drill string. Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS) is a non-invasive process of applying material to down hole drill pipe when welding is not an option. Our process and application has been proven through various field test to improve ROP and because of the superior durability of this proven process can increase your overall performance.

How we do it

During the application drill pipe does not exceed an average of 250 degrees. The bond is a mechanical one, not changing the metallurgical integrity of the drill pipe. TWAS (Twin Arc Spray) works by feeding two wires with opposite electrical charges into a gun where they cross. This initiates an electrical arc. As the metal is melted, clean compressed air is channeled. Thus atomizing and propelling the semi molten metal droplets onto a clean rough substrate. Immediately after the droplets of metal hit they cool and lock into one another.

What sets us apart?

This patented alloy allows us to build thick deposits (.01”-6”) to a drill pipe. The deposit is wear resistant and induces less friction than steel to steel. This is the primary technology that makes White Horse Technology unique and versatile in the drill string and directional drilling protection market.

Some of our customers have been able to reduce their drill time in the Bakken by as much as 2.5 days along with lowering their mud cost from the use of less lube and being able to put more weight on bit.

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Customizable OD Applications

White Horse Technology reliability is unmatched, knowing each project may have specific needs, our process allows for personalized OD request and custom designs.

With 4 guns spraying simultaneously to create wear bands on the center of the drill pipe. The guns are being traversed together while the drill pipe rotates at a relatively high rpm. Each time the guns traverse, they are depositing approximately .0020”. Thus building layers to the desired OD, per customer request.